How to Register & Identify a NickName

To REGISTER a nickname:

1. Change to that Nick
2. Type /msg nickserv REGISTER YOURpassword

EXAMPLE: /msg nickserv REGISTER IceCream

EVERY TIME you log in you need to identify yourself.

/msg nickserv IDENTIFY YOURpassword
EXAMPLE: /msg nickserv IDENTIFY IceCream

NOTE: Passwords are case sensitive. This means that secret123 is different from SECRET123.

How to change your password

First, identify your nickname then type:-

/msg nickserv SET PASSWORD yournewpassword

EXAMPLE: /msg nickserv SET PASSWORD  CreamBun

Ghosting a Nick


Command: /msg nickserv GHOST nickname password

If you are disconnected from the server, and when you log back on you find your first

nick has not been logged off, you can get rid of it by using the following command.

/msg nickserv GHOST <YOURnickname> (that you want to get rid of) <YOURpassword>


/msg nickserv GHOST SexyEyes IceCream


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